Monday, March 12, 2012

On the Banks of Plum Creek

Every year the local homeschooling group, called FHE (Flagstaff Home Educators), puts on a Literature Fair.  It's a time when the kids of all ages can show off their favorite books or just anything that they've been reading.

Livvy loves the Little House on the Prairie books!  So, it made perfect sense for her to do a little presentation on one of her favorites, On the Banks of Plum Creek.

I found a free downloadable lapbook pdf for the book.  It included all the little mini-books and questions for each chapter that Livvy had to answer.  We re-read the book out loud and then I helped her answer the questions.  I really tried to push her writing skills with this project.  I had her verbally answer in a complete sentence, and then write it (sounding out any word that she didn't know how to spell).  It was difficult and frustrating at times for her, but she did it!

For a couple of the chapters we did extra fun projects.  She and Sammy made button-strings like the ones that Mary and Laura made for Carrie for one of the Christmases.  Because Ma had mixed up the girls ribbons in one of the chapters, I taught Livvy how to braid and tie a bow for the first time.

We then put all 41 of the mini chapter books on a display board to show off all her work.

At the meeting, Livvy was dressed up in her Laura dress that Grammie made and read a speech that we had typed up for her.

She was nervous, but she did great!!  I was/am so proud of her.  Check out her presentation here.

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Buster's Mom said...

Great job, Livvy! I used to love Little House on the Prairie too. This makes me want to re-read all of those books!