Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Dig & More

Yesterday was a busy busy day. Daniel came back to finish putting in the septic tank and leach lines. Mike came back to fill in the trenches and holes from the septic system instilation and to dig out the footers for the addition. It was fun to watch him level out the back yard (although the kids are sad to see their mountains flattened) and to see him create the 30" deep trenches around the perimeter of the garage and new laundry/pantry.

Today, after a wonderful pancake breakfast at our neighbors Bob and Jane Cross's house, Tom and Bob set to work with shovels. They cleaned up the corners of the footers and dug out some other areas that Mike couldn't get to with the backhoe. Dad worked on tying in a new drainage line for the addition to the septic system. Of course there was plenty of pouring over the plans again and again and again (see picture of Tom) to make sure everything was just so. Even after all the careful review and planning there are always goof-ups and changes. The biggest change that Benji is recommending now is that we do a stem wall instead of a mono-pour. It'll save us money in concrete but take a little more time to construct since it'll be done in three phases. Oh well. Even though "time is money", we have time and not a lot of money...or something like that:).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work and Play

We hired Benji to help with the foundation work to help speed things up...Dad's getting antsy to get the addition going and Tom only has a couple of nights and weekends to work. Benji just happens to be a Christian. How fun is that! So Benji, Tom and Dad layed out the lines and shot some points for digging the footers. The kids played. Well, Ben didn't play, but he watched for awhile.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Let the Digging Begin

Well, a backhoe showed up this week. The kids, especially Sammy, thinks that having a "truck" in the side yard is the best thing ever! Mike, from our church, dug the hole for the new septic and the trenches for the new leach line on Monday. Then, the truck showed up on Tuesday with the new septic tank. Boy did Sammy love seeing that come in. Daniel, also from our church, laid the pipe for the tank and leach lines. The inspector will come Mon to clear everything and then all the dirt will get put back into the ground. Until then the kids are so loving the big mounds of dirt to climb and get absolutely dirty from head to toe it - fun, fun, fun!

Tom and Dad cleared the side of the house and set some markers for the addition. Next week Mike will come back and dig the footers. I'll post pictures when that happens.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our plans have been approved and we have permits to start the addition in hand!! This is especially huge because Tom and I did the structural part of the plans and it didn't get kicked back (we're in the county so they don't kick back much, but anyway...).

Tom and Dad started clearing the side of the xst'g house to get ready to dig footers sometime this week. Are we really doing this? Sweet!

While outside digging, Tom found this interesting looking bug (we're always on the hunt for bugs around here). Anybody know what it is?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Work Goes On

Tom had off all of last week. It was nice to have him home to help with the kids. It's nice that Jim will be around for the next couple of months to help with the kids - that's really nice!

While home, might as well get some work done. So, Tom and Dad installed all new windows and laminate on the kitchen cabinets. Everything looks so great!

We also received another blessing from God...a swing set. A co-worker of Tom's gave us their no longer needed swing set. Not just any swing set. This is a 12' long, twirly-bird, 2 swings, 1 hanging thing, a rocket glider, and slide kinda swing set. God is so good!