Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer School

The day was winding down, I was making dinner (chicken & dumplings with chicken straight from our flock), and the kids wanted to go see if the neighbor friends could come over and play.  To say that we "did" school today (it feels good to at say that we did something), I asked Livvy to write her spelling words on the white board, Sammy to go through his All About Reading flash cards, and Ben to go through his My Father's World ABC flash cards.

By the time Livvy was done, I was still working with Sammy (he needed a little repetition due to some attitude issues) and hadn't gotten to Ben yet.  I asked Livvy to go through Ben's cards with him.  She gladly sat down with him, loving the chance to be teacher.  Ben, surprisingly, sat very obediently and listened to Livvy.

Just like I would have done it, Livvy sang the ABC song, flipping the cards as she went, and then repeated the cards again singing "A a apple, B b butterfly...", just like I do.  "Great!", I thought.  "The kids had "done" school and could spend the next hour playing with friends.

But, this is the cool part, Livvy decided to go above and beyond.  She had Ben and Sammy go through the toy bucket and kitchen looking for matches to the ABC cards, apple for the A, a little plastic cow for C, etc.  She then hid the cards in the guest bedroom, lined up all of the ABC "props" on the school table (sitting, of course, in my seat) and had Sammy and Ben go find the corresponding cards to match each prop.  Perfect!  Why didn't I think of that?

Playing with friends has been long forgotten.  Right now, as I sit and type, they are still "doing school".  Ben is officially calling Livvy, "Teacher", and was just told to tell his mom he can't come because, "We're doing school for a long time".  I wonder if she'll assign them homework.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OH Visitors

Tom's mom and dad were out again.  They got here towards the end of May and left two weeks ago.  We were hoping that they would stay longer this time, it seems like we just get the hang of how to do life with four adults and four children in one house, and then it's time for them to go.  Maybe next time we can encourage them to stay a little longer at least.

As usual we had some good talks, Dad C did some work around the house, and Mom C helped with some house work - those two never come to relax, they're always fixing this, building that, cleaning this, and mopping that; we are blessed!  We did let them play with their grandkids; after their work was done, of course.

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad C!  See you hopefully in November if not sooner.

Dad Strikes Again

We officially finished the school room last year sometime.  We have loved the space for doing school work, office work, crafts, etc.  It is basically a second living room.

Originally we had two computer desks on opposite walls, one for me and one for Tom (the kids, of course, use either one).  They were functional but a bit awkward.

In steps my dad with an idea.  "What if...?"  It always starts with an idea and then step back and watch it blossom.  When the idea to build a double desk with shelves above and a bookcase on the side was mentioned back in March (I think), I really thought that it would be a long while before the project was completed.  I'm pretty sure it took a year, at least, for my dad to to go from idea to finished project of his"command center" - a round the room, triple computer desk, tv area, with filing cabinets, etc.  

My dad didn't waste anytime getting busy on designing and building our custom built-in bookcase with double desk.  It showed up two weekends ago, with some new flat screen monitors as a special bonus.

Don't you just love it!!  Now if I could just find/make the time to get it organized we could really be in business.  Does anybody need an over-sized principals desk, a computer desk, and/or a monitor or two?  Just let me know, it just so happens that we don't need them anymore.

Thanks Dad!  You did such a nice job!  I love the space!  I'm sure I'll never want for storage again, at least not for awhile;).  Luv you!