Thursday, January 29, 2015


Today was an amazingly fun day with the three oldest kiddos. I got the privilege of skiing with them - their first time! It was all set up through the homeschooling group up here.

Livvy got to be apart of a special lesson for 5th graders. It included a 3 hr lesson, all day lift ticket, and rentals for only $10! Sammy also got to participate in a lesson with an all day ski rental, an all day lift ticket for only $25! Ben was too young for the group lessons, but he did get to ski for free and only pay $15 for rentals! He and I hung out together. I did my best to teach him the little I know about skiing. I ended up being able to ski for free by stepping in to be a 5th grade chaperon that they didn't even end up needing - sweet deal!

While the big kids were in their lessons, Ben and I hung out together on the beginner slopes riding the magic carpet up and skiing down. He got the hang of skiing fairly quickly. After awhile I ended up staying at the bottom of the bigger of the beginner slopes and watching Ben ski down with his buddies Nathan and Tobyn and ride the carpet up all by themselves. He liked going straight down, got the hang of turning fairly quickly, but was having trouble controlling his stops.

After Livvy and Sammy were done with their lessons, we took a quick break to eat some lunch and then headed back out to the slopes.

Livvy quickly got the hang of snow-plowing her way down. She doesn't necessarily like to go fast, but she was able to stay in control of her speed, turns and stops. After riding the chair lift with her once on the next bigger hill adjacent to the hill where the boys were skiing, she skied on that hill by herself or with another homeschooling friend. She improved very quickly.

Sammy was a little discouraged after his lesson. He was having trouble snow-plowing and staying in control of where he was going. After skiing with him a couple of times, trying to give him pointers here and there, I left him to himself. He persevered and after another little pointer from another homeschooling mom, he was able to figure it out.

Sammy and Ben were begging to ride the ski lift and try to ski on the hill where Livvy was skiing. By the end of the day, I felt like they were ready to go try it out. Sammy did much better than I thought. He got all the way down without falling and rode it a second time with Livvy. Ben, on the other hand, got going a little too fast, wiped out and blew his courage. It had started to snow and was time to head in or else I would have had him try it one more time.

They recounted their adventure to each other over and over all the way to the Ketter's house where a hot meal was waiting for us. Sara had watched Jon, Danner, and two other littles from other skiing families. They invited us to join them for dinner after skiing all day. It was a wonderful way to end a great day!

Even though they each felt like quitting at some part of the day, they persevered and ended up doing great! I am so proud of my kids for the stick-to-it-iveness! We had a lot of fun!! We are all looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Livvy Turns Double Digits

~ 10 ~

Yup. Our sweet baby girl, our one and only baby girl, turned 10 years old in November. She's still every bit a little girl and yet she's so much more. She's a rough and tumble, crazy and klutzy, silly and serious, not a shy bone in her body, wants to go to work with Daddy to hug all of the "unused gifts" (the residents of the nursing home), second mommy, bookworm.

A part of me wants to say, "It feels like yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital". Another part of me disagrees. I'm not sure it feels like 10 years since we brought our little 6lb-6oz bundle home from the hospital, but it's hard to remember life without her.

For her birthday we let Livvy get her ears pierced. She chose a small blue stud. She said it hurt more than she thought it would, but she's glad she got them pierced. Not that she'll change her earrings often, she's just not that kind of girl, but hopefully she'll enjoy the added sparkle that it brings to her natural beauty. And, coincidentally, she also got glasses two days after her birthday. She's just sooo cute! And grown up looking!

For Livvy's party she wanted chocolate covered chocolate chip brownies in lieu of a cake. She also wanted a "fashion" birthday party (which, if you know Livvy, meant a goofy fashion party, as she could care less about style, what people think of her, or fitting in). She and her friends painted their nails and played a dress-up game. It was so much fun to watch the two teams of girls race to get dressed up from two laundry baskets of funky clothes - something on the head, neck, body, and feet - and then run to the middle of the living room to pose for the camera.

Grammie and Pop-Pop came all the way from OH again to spend Livvy's birthday and Thanksgiving Day with us. It's always nice to have them here! Grammie was even brave enough to let Livvy paint her nails.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming years where I get to go from just mom and teacher, to mom, teacher and friend. I just love this girl!