Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sammy & Ben

Last week Livvy was the 3rd of the kiddos to fall sick (I'll write more about the sickies soon). Without the guidance of their big sister, Sammy and Ben had been left to their own devices (Jon was still on the quiet side recovering from his bout with the bug).  They've had so much fun together!


  • taped up dinosaurs and action men.  Ben loves using tape - it's by far one of his most favorite toys.  He actually asked for some for his birthday.
  • strung up horses with string and then wound them up using the miniature fuse-ball table.
  • bungee-corded all of the upstairs doors together, minus the master bedroom door - it's a bit too far of a stretch for their bungee cords.
  • they informed me that they learned how to turn on and run my sewing machine.
  • built lots of Lego creations.
  • taken on the rooster together to gather the eggs.
  • filled the wood box.
  • pretended to be puppies with the nook under the stairs along with some empty cardboard boxes for their dog house.
  • pretended to be "Dragon Boys" who informed me that their dragons were chained up outside and had a "short chain".  I was their "teacher" who was considering adopting them until their father returned from the war - thankfully he returned, we had a party, and they were never heard from again.
  • took a bath together...The bathroom had a kinda sweet, romantic smell to it by the time they were done.  Ben apparently got into the medicine cabinet and added some "bottles" to their bath water.  They smelled so very nice.

During all of this I was happily...doing something else - which is why there are no pictures, that would have been a good idea.  Sometimes a little peace is worth the clean up.