Tuesday, April 28, 2009

25 Things About Now

I haven't blogged in awhile...here's an update.

25 Things About Now

1. I love my husband; he's so complimentary, supportive, and...just him.
2. Dad C. is living with us for awhile to help with build our house. He's so nice to have around.
3. Livvy said that she asked Jesus into her heart. We’re pretty sure she that she had already done that about 10 months ago, but has never just come out and phrased it like that.
4. Sammy loves to take a truck or two or three to bed with him.
5. My parents came up the weekend to hang out and help with the house building.
6. Mom C. was here for two weeks and took really good care of us. I could use her right now...our bedroom has a couple of piles of clean clothes to fold.
7. Ben just turned 9 months old and is crawling and pulling himself up to stand on things...”Hold on there little Bubba, one thing at a time”.
8. Ben is really really loud at dinner time – we’re working on him lowering his voice, and not having such a demanding tone.
9. Livvy and Sammy love playing outside together. They find stink bugs, rocks, and dirt very exciting play-things.
10. We might be getting a little girl kitty at the beginning of June...we think we’ll name her Phoebe.
11. Our 14 chickens are growing up. Hopefully they’ll all make it through the next couple of weeks – some of them ate little green bee-bees given to them as special treats by two that will remain anonymous.
12. I’m almost finished putting the plans together for a remodel/addition I designed for some friends at church – we’re trading my work for their work: landscaping rock, cinders, grading and hauling.
13. If somebody talks about shooting stars, Livvy reminds them that there are no such things as shooting stars, “They’re meteorites”…she learned that in school.
14. After naps Sammy comes to me and says, “Nuggle me, Mama.” During the day he also says stuff like, “Why Mama?”, “Mama, you play with me?”, “Me help you, Mama.”, and “No! Uh, uh.” (which, of course, is totally unacceptable).
15. I love reading the Bible; it is the ultimate child rearing book: “Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.” Prov 20:11, “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of correction will drive it far from him.” Prov 22:15, “Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right” Eph 6:1.
16. Every morning before the kids woke up I used to get my cup of coffee with Hazelnut or Vanilla Carmel creamer and read my Bible at 6:30. I miss those times. Now, because Ben is in our room and he starts making noise at 5:30, I lay there with the blankets over my head trying to ignore him…I refuse to get up that early.
17. Sometimes Ben crawls after me saying, “Ma ma ma ma.”
18. I’ve been hearing lots of noises coming from the addition side of our house – Dad C, Tom and my Dad have been putting in drains, chases, built-in bookcases with laundry chutes, and all sorts of wiring. I still can’t believe we get to build our own house.
19. My best friend and her boyfriend came into Flag two Fridays ago. They stayed with us for the night and on Saturday we went to Sedona to hike around a little bit. It was very fun. I wonder when there’s going to be a ring.
20. I’m the teacher for the next couple of weeks for our co-op preschool and Livvy thinks that that is the best. This week we made butter.
21. I’m still in awe about how God gave us this house, these neighbors, and this chance to have our own little farm.
22. God has done amazing things in my life; sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. Who’s that girl wearing the skirt (I used to totally hate skirts and dresses), raising chickens (I never saw that one coming), with her three beautiful chittlins playing at her feet? Where’d she learn how to make something besides grilled cheese and nachos? …For sure I still have a lot of growing to do, but I’ve come along way so far.
23. Ben loves to bury his head in my neck when he’s getting tired.
24. I could use a movie night, peanut butter M&M’s and popcorn, yum, yum…maybe a beer too.
25. We’ve started potty-training Sammy…we’ve had more accidents than successes so far, but we’ll get there. I should have waited until Summer, than he could have run around naked outside and water all the trees.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eight Years Ago...

...today, I walked into Chili’s with my boss and his wife, Mark and Carrie. We were there to meet a co-worker of hers for dinner. As we stood in the foyer waiting for our table to be ready and Carrie’s co-worker to arrive, a face peered around the crowd and looked directly at me. Then he turned, looked the other direction, back at me, and then at Mark and Carrie. The face was very kind and gentle, clean-shaven with dark eyes, almost back hair, and square jaw…rugged handsomeness. He was wearing blue jeans, a green sweater with three open buttons at the collar, and a green and black ski jacket.

I can’t rightly say it was love at first sight, but once he came over and introductions were made, I was so glad that this was the co-worker that Mark and Carrie had set me up with on this blind-date. Tom was his name and I was smitten. We had a wonderful evening of getting to know each other over dinner, and then the four of us went back at the office where Mark and I worked to play a game of Cranium …Tom and I won.

Over the next six months we had more dates, hikes, and lots of star gazing. We laughed together and played together. The more I got to know him, the more I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He loved the word of God like no other man I had ever met…he upheld it above all else. His faith was unshakable. He was strong, funny, encouraging, sharpening, and served those around him with such unselfishness. I was in love.

Love and reality often times collide and so our story has more to it then just the romantic fairy-tale that I so desired. Dating is hard...disagreements, fear (on my part), and unmet expectations led to an extended break-up. I was heart-broken. But God…God had a plan greater than I could have imagined. He has a way of weaving all the areas of our life together to form a beautiful picture of His truth, grace and love. He brought us back together through an amazing, miraculous God-thing. Six months after that we were married…my fairy-tale ending, only better.

I am so thankful for the last eight years! I love you handsome! - PLR

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Peeps

Last night we went back to Olsens' and got 8 more peeps, 4 Black Australorps and 4 Golden Laced Wyandottes. Everybody is getting along so far and the old ones didn't seem to mind the new ones. Hopefully they'll all stay friends and won't peck at each other. There's always the little occasional peck usually by one of the Ameraucanas or Orpingtons, which Livvy tells them, "No" for and then gives them a little tap on their bottoms. Very funny.

So I think our little brood is complete for now. They'll stay inside with us for another 4 weeks under the heat lamp. Then they'll be moved outside into their coop that Tom will build for them. Honestly I'm not sure how much work these hens/roosters (with 14 chicks there's the good possiblity that we have at least 2 roosters) are going to be, but it'll be a fun adventure to figure it out.

Livvy and Sammy gathering up the 8 new peeps.

A full house.
Here's our favorite little peep, Blue, sleeping in Tom's hands.

We had playgroup here this morning, so all the kids got a chance to pet and hold the little peeps.