Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Uncle Lyle, Aunt Alex & the Day the Grand Canyon Said, "Peek-a-boo"

I'm trying to catch up on some way overdue life events. So many fun people and times to post about, so little time.

Back in January we had the privilege and pleasure of having some special company. Company is always fun to have - special food is prepared, a change in routine, and new things to discuss. Having Tom's good buddy Lyle came down from Alaska with his new bride Alexandra was extra special!

They arrived on a Saturday evening to the whooping and cheering of four little children. We were all very excited to see Lyle again and to meet his beautiful wife, Alexandra (Uncle Lyle and Aunt Alex to the kids). After a nice meal, and promises for presents in the morning, the kids were shipped off to bed while us adults had the first of many long wonderful nights talking, hanging out, and introducing the Beckers to the game Aggravation.

Lyle and Alex treated us to some Alaskan wild game, seafood and fun gifts for the kids. One of the most fun gifts was a face painting book. Alex was so sweet, sitting with the kids for over an hour painting butterflies, rainbows, and and snakes on their faces and arms. Ben was transformed into a fierce tiger and Sammy into a swashbuckling pirate.

On Monday, while the rest of the world was at work, we headed to the Grand Canyon. It started snowing on our drive there, no big deal. But, a fog also rolled in - very unusual in Northern AZ. We thought for sure by the time we reached the canyon that the fog would lift and we'd be able to enjoy showing Alex Arizona's big hole (Lyle had seen it before). 

Well...the fog didn't lift when we got there. You couldn't see a thing. We stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon and all we saw was a white mist, not even a hint of the depth and vast beauty of the canyon. So disappointing.

But God  (I love those words in the Bible, always lets you know something great is going to happen) slowly rolled back the fog. "The canyon was hiding and then said, 'Peak-a-boo.'" (Jon)  

The white billowy clouds and little bit of snow made for beautiful pictures.

On Tuesday, before heading up to Las Vegas for a guide and outfitters convention (Lyle is a hunting guide in Alaska), the kids made sure to get in one more game and the guys headed for the garage to make some smoke rings.

Uncle Lyle and Aunt Alex, you are loved and missed!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Danny Boy - Danner - Baby Dan

My baby,
Snuggle baby.
Time going way too fast -
One month, two, three, now four.

Oh baby, rolling baby -
Back to belly, belly to back.
Thumb-sucker baby.

I love to kiss those
Soft cheeks,
Milk-sticky cheeks.

I press my head close to his,
Round  and soft,
Peach fuzz head.

My baby,
hungry baby.
Chunky tuna, Wilbur piggy.
Lovely, squishy, fat thighs baby.

His warm, sweet baby breath
fills my being with peace.
My Danny Boy,
Danner, Baby Dan.