Monday, March 5, 2012

"Come To The Table"

...not for dinner, but for school.

Sometime before Christmas, a little after our school room was finished, I started researching school tables.  There are a variety of school/activity shaped tables - rectangle, trapezoid, horseshoe, and kidney.  I really liked the kidney shaped, but all that I could find were a bit pricey and weren't the right size for our room.

In steps Dad.  My dad offers to make one for me (Tom did too, but...his "To Do" list is way too long as it is)!  Yippee for Dad!!  He did some researching of his own, of course.  He then came up with a design on one of his draw programs on his computer.

After doing some scrounging around our house for some scrap wood to try out the design, he discovered a 4'x8' solid door that we had bought from a used building supply place.  Perfect!  He measured and cut, designed a handy jig thingy to help with the curves, measured and cut some more, etc.

Then my dad, with Tom's help, topped (and sided) the masterpiece with formica.  Easier said than done.  Like a beautifully orchestrated ballet (or something a little less graceful) they discussed and rehearsed the "how" to apply the formica to all of the surfaces.  Then, with skill and precision, they glued, pressed, cut, and then glued, pressed and cut again (there might have been one point of peeling off and re-glueing and re-pressing, but that's not important).

I love it!!  It fits the room perfectly.  It allows me to sit next to everybody at once.  Everybody is within arm's reach.  It is usually covered with workbooks, crayons, and crafts.  It truly is a thing of beauty.

Thanks Dad (and Honey)!!


Baker Family said...

You are welcome. I'm just glad you like it. Thanks for saying so.

algrundst said...

Ooooohhhh...I really like this table!