Monday, March 12, 2012


Not mad, aggravated; but Aggravation the game.

Years ago our good friends, the Ketters, introduced us to the game.  It's kinda like Trouble with all the same rules of play, except that it is played on a homemade board and with marbles.  It has been a source of fun, good-natured smack-talking, and, of course, death ("black death" - Tom usually picks black marbles and likes to kill the opposition).

Last night the we were given our own Aggravation board - handmade by "Cappy", Brian's dad.  It is a beautiful board made from black locust wood.

Tonight we played with the kids.  Ben didn't last very long.  He sat on my lap and helped me out for a little while.  Then Tom's lap.  And them my lap again before he opted to go to bed - it had been a long day of hiking and he was exhausted.

Sammy had a very hard time at first getting killed.  Lots of tears were shed.  He always perked back up though when he, or I, could kill Tom or Livvy.  Killing is so much fun.

The game, like most Aggravation games, came down to the wire.  Sammy had just got all his men home (I still had 2 men to get home) when Livvy and Tom got her last man home.  It was a terrific game!!  The kids were so excited - they kept talking about it as they got ready for bed.

Growing up we usually played cards or some game on Friday or Saturday nights.  Since we really don't have to worry about school the next morning, we won't have to wait until the weekend to play.  I can foresee many more nights of playing Aggravation with the kids.  Another fun benefit of homeschooling.

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Brings back fun memories~