Friday, November 11, 2016

T-minus One

Well, it's begun. No stopping it now.

Our friend, Danny, pulled the trigger for us by coming over this evening instead of tomorrow morning to help move some of the big stuff. Gone are the couches, coffee table, end table, and piano. They've all been moved to the garage of the new house - the garage and not the living room because things aren't quite ready for us over there yet. Yet. Sometime tomorrow as we move, the living room will be cleared of tools and pieces and parts of the kitchen. Hopefully:)

The garage is full of boxes and bins.

The kids are "sleeping out" in the game room one last time (actually just the boys, Livvy wanted to sleep in her own room).

The evening didn't go exactly as I had hoped (like anything ever does). I was thinking one last night of all of us squished onto the game room couch to say prayers and hug and kiss everybody good night. You know. So we could remember the last time we sat there all together in this house praying before bed (the new house doesn't have a game room; the prayer couch will be in the garage). But when bedtime rolled around the couch had been moved and Tom wasn't home. I'm a little sad that we didn't have that last, but it's okay. We had years of sitting there and praying. Good memories.

Instead, the kids and I sat on the floor in the empty game room. We prayed, talked, cried...I sang their song and talked some more. Good memory.

Tomorrow's the big day. Here's hoping for lots of muscle and strong backs.

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