Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Years and years ago (seems like eons ago) when Tom and I first got married, we lived in a little two bedroom duplex. It was sweet. We used to wash dishes together. One would be the washer; the other would be the quality control/rinser/dryer.

One day after doing the dishes, we were looking for a little clear plastic cup that went in the lid of our blender. We both remembered that it had just been washed and we were scouring around everywhere on the drying rack and on the floor looking for it. I remembered exactly where I saw it last. I remember I placed my hand exactly on the spot where I knew it had been.

After giving up hopes of finding it and turning around to make whatever we were making at the time, I turned around and there it was! It was right where I had placed my hand not even ten minutes before. I laughed and told Tom, thinking that he had just put it back, that he had played a good joke on me. wasn't a joke. He didn't put it back. It just reappeared. True story!

The only plausible explanation that we could come up with was that we had just witnessed an angelic joke. We called him, the KA - Kitchen Angel. Every since then, the KA comes around once every couple years or so.

Which bring me to the missing piano bags. I had looked in boxes several times. I had moved items. I had searched. Everywhere. No bags. The boys went to two lessons without their piano books. I was at a loss as to where they could be.

Well. They've been found. You want to know where? Right out in the open! Right on top of one the kids' school desks. A school desk that I know I had moved. I could not have missed them! KA strikes again!

The camera has been found too. It was just in a small box on top of one of the laundry shelves that I hadn't looked in. No miracle there. The other missing item must have also been found, since I still can't remember what it is.

So. There you have it. Keep an eye out for KA's in your home. Not all things missing or misplaced can be blamed on an absent mind. It just might be there's an angel lurking around who has a sense of humor.

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