Sunday, November 6, 2016

T-minus 5 Days and Counting

We're really in high gear now. We've got five days until we are moving. Five.

This weekend my parents came up to help - they're amazing!! Dad worked on moving some wiring into the new location for the computers, as well as several other jobs at the current house that needed to be done. Mom packed boxes, watched kiddos, and cleaned. We are so blessed to have those weekend-warriors!!

Here are some more pictures of the mess the kids and I made:

Tom's been busy making a mess too. He had to cut and sledge hammer out some concrete to get power to the new kitchen island. Then he had to patch it back up.

Tonight, after going to bed at 5am this morning and getting up at 12:30pm, he's finishing the last of the wiring and re-wiring. The kitchen should be ready to have cabinets installed!

Speaking of cabinets. They are scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Our cabinet guy, Dave, is a great guy that we have really enjoyed getting to know better at our Grace Group (small group Bible study). He will be showing up Tuesday evening to start working on unpacking and installing our new cabinets - I'm so excited!!

Also this week:
Century Link will be showing up sometime Tuesday morning to see where cables will enter the house and get us set up with internet - very important stuff! 

The kids and I have been painting the bedrooms because carpet will be installed in the bedrooms on Wednesday. Painting is one of my least favorite things to do but it must be done, Since I'm not skilled in other trade, painting is one of the only things I can do without Tom - just don't look too close at the line between the wall and the ceiling...I did my best.

The chimneys in both houses will be cleaned and inspected also on Wednesday - I hope I don't have to be two places at once. Thankfully my parents have Jon and Danner. It makes things just that much easier to not have the littles to worry about.

That's all for now. I'll post pictures when we have carpet and cabinets in. Ta for now.

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