Wednesday, November 9, 2016

T-minus 3 Days

So it's down to 3 days until the big move. Things are getting done slowly but surely.

Yesterday started out like this:

 The wall dividing the dining room into the school room is all down. A new wall will be built three feet over eventually.

The walls separating the laundry from the pantry and the school room were knocked out by our good friend, Brian.

I painted closets and the exposed parts of the kitchen wall.

The kids played all day outside! Key to playing all day outside? Not having any toys, books, electronic gadgets whatsoever! They made leaf beds, just like the one Abraham Lincoln used to sleep on.

Then, the highlight of the day! The kitchen cabinets arrived. These guys helped unload.

Today did not start out so productive. I did a lot of waiting and driving back and forth between the Peaks house and the Lene house. The carpet guy was supposed to come between 8 and 10. I waited while the kids hung out at home doing chores, doing some independent school, building a gingerbread cookie white house and watching an election DVD put out by Learn Our History.

I was supposed to be back to the Peaks house by 10 to meet the chimney sweep. But, because I was waiting for the carpet guy who didn't end up showing up until 2pm, my very sweet neighbor Theresa came over to the house to be with the kids while the chimney sweep was doing his thing. Just as I had gotten word from the carpet guy that he would be late and was in the car going back home, Theresa said the chimney sweep was done there and was ready to come to the Lene house to clean it out. So I stayed and waited some more.

Once the chimney was cleaned, I headed home to collect the children from Theresa. Of course I stayed and chatted with her a little bit. Just as I was heading out the door to go home with the baby to feed the baby, I got the call that the carpet guy was on his way. Gave Zac back to Theresa and drove back to the Lene house to let the carpet guy in. Like I said, lots of waiting and driving.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful - kids played, Zac took a nap, I packed some boxes, and made dinner.

Around 7pm, after the kids and I had eaten dinner, I took dinner out to Tom and this is what I saw:

Wow! It's such a rich looking kitchen!

The carpet guy is not quite done yet, but it's looking good so far.

Tomorrow there's nothing major on the to-do list, thankfully. I have a friend coming over in the morning to help pack, and my mom and dad are bringing the littles back. It will be nice to have a nice quite day at home - ha!

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Anonymous said...

The house is already looking like a great home! -Kira :-)