Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Morning

I got up this morning and nursed Jon around 6:45am.  The house was quiet.

As I was about to head downstairs, I noticed that Livvy and the boys' doors were open (usually they're still in their rooms until 7:00am).  Sammy was still sleeping in bed, but Livvy and Ben were gone.

Jon and I headed downstairs.  Still, the house was quiet - usually not a good sign.

I called for them a couple of times roaming from room to room.  Finally I spotted my two missing children outside on the trailer near the chicken coop (in the far corner of our acre).  Livvy was wrapped in the blanket from the couch and Ben had on his yellow rain pull-over.  They were just sitting together, bird-watching.  So sweet.

After awhile, the two headed back into the house...but not for long.  They grabbed Jon and headed back outside again.  This time the curled up in the swing together.

Gosh I love these kids...especially when they're not being flat out mean to each other.

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