Thursday, April 26, 2012


Red-neck #1

Last week sometime the kids were all outside playing with two little neighbor friends.  They grabbed some plastic bags for some reason and were walking down the street with them.  They filled with air as they were walking.  It gave me the idea to make kites out of them.  We tied some string around the handles.

Picture 5 kids running down the street with plastic bag kites.

I neglected to get a picture of the main event, but here's a picture of all the kites tied to the front of the house:


Red-Neck #2

In the midst of this, our neighbor Mr Bill came home.  He stuck his head out of the window of his truck and yelled (totally in jest),
"Hey, lady. Are all these kids yours?"
"No," I replied, "just 3" *smile*
"Oh.  I keep losing track."


Red-Neck #3

Then, Tom pulled around the corner as he was coming home from work.  He stopped short of the house to let all of the kids climb in.  Four of the kids handed me their kites to hold while they all went for a ride; the other one held it out the window.

Picture one small white car driving slowly through the neighborhood with five children hanging out of the windows, one of them flying a plastic bag kite.

Love it!!

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