Friday, December 9, 2011

Jonathan - 8 Months

Yes, it's that time again.  Our little (emphasis on little) guy is now 8 months old.  He's not really doing anything new this month.  He still has not put on much weight and is finicky about food - he's taking after Sammy as a baby.  My hope is that Jon, like Sammy, will turn into a regular eating machine once we're past whatever phase he, Jon, like Sammy, is going through.  Until then, I continue to try to get as much food down him as he will let me and be thankful that he still is growing.

He continues to be a super sweet baby.  Loves to be held close (he holds real still when snuggling cheek-to-cheek), entertained by three very willing children, and give everybody big toothless smiles.

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