Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This post is an attempt to get caught up before too much more happens and I get further behind, ya know what I mean?

Way back in...well, I can't remember when.  It was before it got cold.  Before the snow.  Maybe September, early September...maybe...  Anyway, we went to Bearizona.  If I recall correctly we had a lot of fun.  The first part of the park you drive through the animals habitats - pretty cool to see a big black bear out your side window.  Then you walk through the rest of the park like a regular zoo.  We got to watch baby bears playing chase, little raccoons romping around...  I highly recommend it.


I tried Mealtime Makeover.  It's a great concept for the busy mom who just needs a little help getting dinner on the table.  You pay $15 for three months of meals, all planned out, with a weekly grocery list for that weeks set of meals that is corresponds with sale items.  The grocery list was my favorite part.  Going to the store with an organized list that is guaranteed to include everything you need for that weeks meals is great!  But, I'm really not liking the meals that they plan. We tend to like...I don't know, just not what they like I guess.  I'm not big on casseroles or things with, lets say, Velveeta in them for example.  I'm glad I tried it out - I got some new recipes to choose from and a better idea of how to organize my grocery list.


My mom bought the book, Large Family Logistics.  It's fantastic!!  I'm not through reading it yet, but I've already picked up many helpful tid bits.  I can't wait to have more time so that I can implement more of her recommendations.  Time, yes, and where might I ask will I find more time?  Maybe when the house is done, after Christmas, before school starts again.  Anyway, reading the book has helped ease my mind during those times when I start stressing about everything that I need to do, would like to do, etc.  It can be done, there is a way.  Press on!


When Tom's good friend Lyle came to visit awhile back (I can't remember when that was either, but I remember I did blog about it) he introduced us to a singer named Jamie Soles.  About a month ago I bought his album Good Advice off of iTunes. 

We love it!!!  He takes the Bible and sings about it.  Not only does he sing about this good 'ol Bible history, he then, in the song, makes it applicable to us the listener.  Who woulda thunk you could sing a song about the grumbling Israelites wandering in the desert (a song called Marah) or the Patriarchs of the Bible?   The tunes are catchy, the words are clever, and the message is terrific!


Ben likes to sing heavy metal style (he's never heard it, we don't play it, sing it, etc. somehow it's just innate).  Here's one of his most recent songs (so, hear this as a three-year-old yelling at the top of his lungs):


GOOD...I mean, good stuff.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

The house is decorated for Christmas.

We're gearing up to start baking Christmas cookies.

Two years ago today we got the worst news of our lives, our unborn baby would never come home with us.  Hard to imagine that it's already been two years.  Hard to imagine that it's only been two years...  Thankfully God filled the day with sweet time with good friends.

Tom went hunting for two weekends in a row and didn't even spot an elk - we're so bummed.  Maybe we'll buy half a cow.  That would good.  I just want a freezer full of good meat so I don't have to shop meat sales at the grocery stores.

Well, that's all I have for now.  All that I can remember at least :).

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Buster's Mom said...

I love Ben's song! That really is good stuff.