Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowed In

Last night the third snow storm of the week, the biggest and baddest of them all, rolled in. The National Weather Service is calling it a Class 5 storm - which means absolutely nothing to it out of 6 or out of 10? Wherever on the scale it is, this storm is shutting down the city, which means, SNOW DAY! We, Livvy, Sammy and I actually did do school this morning, but Tom is home! For the whole day! And probably tomorrow too!!! Yeah!!!!! We haven't had just a day at home with the whole family since before Christmas - Thank you Lord for huge snow storms!!

This morning before the sun was really waking up (I think it was around 7:10am) Livvy and Sammy grabbed some snow gear and headed out to play. Here's a picture of a small slide that the kids were sliding down this morning (oh, and that is Phoebe the cat out there with them - I swear she thinks she's a dog): Here is that same slide at 1:30pm when we went out again to check on the chickens:
Here the kids are showing just how deep the path is that Tom shoveled so that we could go out to the chicken coop:
And here's Ben, all bundled up in his new snow suit. He doesn't really enjoy walking in the snow, falling in the snow or getting snow on him. But, because baby is still pretty small, I was able to put him in my Pikkolo carrier (I love this carrier!) on my hip and carry him out with the family - and, of course, he did like that.


Mama Mia 4 said...

What precious little hands and feet photos. Thanks for sharing. Anxiously await with you the next ultrasound so we all can find out the name of your precious little one will be. Love you dear friend.

Tiffani said...

That is so funny about the cat!!! Were the chickens OK?