Friday, January 15, 2010

California Fun

Last Friday was my grandma's (my dad's mom) 90th birthday. So we loaded up the family van and drove to Simi Valley, California to wish her a Happy Birthday. It was a very fun trip, even the 8 hour drive went really well.

Here are seven of the eight kids that grandma had - from oldest to youngest, using their childhood names, how fast can you say it: Jimmy, Bobby (my dad), Billy, Polly, Peggy, Tommy, Michael, Timmy (not in the photo).

Friday night when we arrived everybody, except Grandma, who tires easily and is a bit overwhelmed with a crowd, had dinner together and talked the way Baker's talk (you just have to know us to really get that).

Saturday morning we (Tom, me, the kids and Oma) drove to the beach. It was such a fun time to smell the salt air, hear the roar of the waves and literally get swept off your feet by the tide...I kid you not, less than a minute of being on the beach Livvy and Sammy had made their way down to the shore, got knock over by an incoming wave and were soaked from head to foot! Thankfully the honey, oh so smart he is, thought to bring their suitcase - I said surely we wouldn't need it because we were only going to dip our tootsies into the water...boy was I wrong!

After getting toweled off and into some dry clothes, the kids were off playing again. This time they stayed a safe distance from the incoming waves except if Dad was with them.
Before leaving on Sunday we went to see Grandma one more time. On the way to the nursing home where she lives, Ben had a very hard time staying awake (see video).

Here's the family with my grandma. I'm so glad that we made time to go and see her. We made a lot of good memories.

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Bree Wilson said...

I love these pictures!!! Can't wait we are going to Mexico in May!!! CAn't wait to play at the beach with the boys!!!! Sweet family pictures. Also love the little hand if God's precious babe in your belly. LOVE YOU