Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life Goes On

Life seems to go on, whether you really want it to or not. Some days come easy and others seem to arrive with a thick heavy cloud...or the cloud comes racing in sometime during the day on a cold wind that stops right above my door.

It is such a good thing that I have these three little people around me all day. It's hard to hide away and feel sorry for yourself when you have to do life with little ones...they are not content long with being left alone.

The hardest part so far is trying to rack my feeble brain to come up with some activity or plan for the day, that hopefully would include something fun - kids seem to like that for some reason;). Since we've taken the past couple of weeks off of homeschooling, we haven't even had school to rely on as a necessary distraction.

We start school again tomorrow so hopefully that will give us some good and fun things to do and look forward to...we'll be learning about C for cows.

Over the past couple of week we have managed to come up with some fun family times, including of course Christmas. Here are some pictures from the month of December.

The kids and I spent a couple of days down in Phx with my parents while Tom went hunting.

Tom got his elk!! Now we have lots of meat.
The kids help load up their wagon with all the meat and then pulled it inside to load up the freezer.
A typical morning of school.
Tom took Livvy on a late date for her birthday. A couple of days later, Tom took Sammy on a special "hang-out" time for his birthday (really late).

As a family fun event, we took the kids bowling. It was a great success!

The kids helped me deliver cookies to all of our neighbors.
Why does it feel like pulling teeth to get just one good shot of the kids?
Christmas morning down at Oma and Opa's with the cousins.
Another attempt at a good picture of the kids. Again, not so successful.

The day after Christmas we went with everybody to the zoo.

Sammy and Ben's favorite part was the carousel.
And then, of course, snow is always least for the first couple of minutes.

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Mitchell Family said...


I have been thinking about you a lot during the holidays. I'm amazed that despite everything that is going on, you were able to make some special memories with your family. You are truly an incredible woman. You're still at the top of my prayer list.