Friday, June 5, 2009


I have so many thoughts running in and out of (quite quickly I might add) my head all day that I wished I had time to blog about, but there's just not enough time, energy or even the thought by the time I would be able to sit down to write them all...and even if I did, who would want to read my ramblings anyway? It's funny to me that my thoughts are so composed, as if I were writing a book (which maybe someday I will, who knows) but then I roll over, blink, have a small child come and try to interact with me and the book, the great thought, is totally gone...what was I thinking about that seemed so important at the time? Who knows...or maybe he doesn't either (that's a joke for my dad :>...hi Dad).

Anyway, on to what we've be up to this week. Not much really. Life goes on with hubby, kids, chickens and cat.

The kids and I did have some fun yesterday with a little outside project. We made a tiny little garden and planted some seeds. My mom had sent us some flower and zucchini seeds (thanks Mom!) so that started the need to make the garden and plant something. We haven't gotten around to planting the flower seeds yet, not quite sure where they should go; but we did get the zucchini seeds in the ground along with yellow squash (my choice), carrots (Livvy's choice), sweet onion (again, my choice...what's zucchini without yellow squash and onions? Squash medley, my favorite summertime vegetables), pumpkin (Sammy's choice) and cherry pits (yes, I know, something about them needing a cold spell to germinate or something... I'm not really expecting much from them, the kids wanted to plant them, so why not, right?). So, here's our little garden...if anything does grow in it, it'll be sorely crowded. Live and learn.