Sunday, June 21, 2009

Handy-Man-Special Cont

The men have been hard at work! Jim’s been getting the new furnace and water heater in place. Tom’s been getting the plumbing all hooked up – he's been using Wirsbo instead of copper piping. My parents came up last weekend and my dad worked on getting the electrical all hooked up in the panel. There still some framing that needs to be done, the bath-tub surrounds, a built-in bookcase in the master bedroom, and the stairs…minor details (actually, the stairs can’t be built until the addition is insulated – we have to put a hole in the existing house to start building those and we don’t want all of our heat to escape.
So, tomorrow is rough trade inspection! Pray that we pass and that we can get the insulation done Tues or Wed (we’re subbing it out – it’s actually cheaper to have somebody else do it for you, then just buying the insulation yourself, imagine that). We’re in the process of getting bids on having somebody else do the drywall. Hopefully it’ll come back nice and low so we can have that taken off Jim and Tom’s plate.

On Thur the kids and I helped Jeannie (the friend from church that I drew up addition-house plans for in trade for landscape materials, etc.) started working on the front yard. To prep for her arrival with the Bobcat, the kids and I moved about 5 wagon-full loads of bricks from the front yard to the back. What big helpers I have. It was fun to see Sammy and Livvy pull and push the wagon – “team work, team work” they shouted. “Many hands make quick work”.
After transplanting some grass (another use for the trusty Radio-Flyer), the weed-barrier was laid and then the rock spread! It has been such a blessing working along-side an amazing Christian woman. We’d level some rock, talk a little theology, level some rock, discuss a little bit of how the church of today doesn’t welcome so much the gifts of discernment, exhortation, and prophecy – too judgmental, too harsh, too critical, not tolerant, not loving, etc. We need both, truth and grace, not just grace. Sorry, I got off track there for a minute… It was just refreshing to be near somebody who knows the word of God inside out and is struggling to apply it, to be faithful to all that God has spoken; all while moving some rocks around, I love it!The creek bed is not quite finished yet and eventually I’d like to build a rock wall to border the rock, but for now it looks fantastic!!
Things are starting to happen around here again. It’s so fun to see and be apart of...I'm so thankful for how God has orchestrated everything with this house so perfectly. I feel so blessed!

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