Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Have Roof

Mick and Tom finished the roof today. Yes, Tom was helping. He was up on the roof handing Mick the roofing shingles. It's good physical therapy. Next step is windows, doors and then siding.

Also, today Ben turned 3 months old. He's such a great little buddy. I'm excited to see more and more of his personality come out.

Here are two of my handsome men after haircuts:

And here's a pix of Livvy, Sammy and Ben. I bribed them with a couple more minutes of Super Why if they cooperated with me to take a group picture:

On Sun, Tom and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary. We went and ate our favorite restaurant, Himalayan Grill. I got a very spicy lamb dish (can't remember the name). Yum! Here's a picture of us looking out of our to-be master bedroom window.

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