Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So that's how they do it!

Well, we have second-story walls and trusses up! Jim, my dad, two guys that we hired to help, Lee Tuney (local carpenter) and Mick Miller (carpenter from church), along with our one-armed laborer (Tom) worked all week and this past weekend to get 'her done...and she's lookin' real good! I know how to draw trusses in elevation and in section but I never really knew how they got them into place...now I know. And, here are some pictures of how they did it so you can know too:

Here's the crane hoisting the trusses with Tom and Livvy guiding them from below.

And here's my dad setting the outriggers in place.

It's so fun to go upstairs and walk into the game room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. I still can't believe that we're doing this. This is our house. We really get to live there...maybe not
today, but someday. God is so good to us!
Here's the view of Mt Eldon and the San Fransico Peaks from the new master bedroom window(pretty nice...just don't look at the white trailer).
And here's Sammy, cold and dirty.


The Phillips Family said...

Thats so exciting! It's really starting to come along! -Kelly

Kristen said...

WOW, where are you guys building your house? Must be such a fun, blessed, trying experience! Congratulations on baby Benjamin! I hope it is going well. You can check out our blog too if you want at www.arizonagranthams.blogspot.com

Take care!
Kristen Grantham