Friday, August 5, 2011


About two years ago we started making plans to go to Ohio this summer.   More specifically for July 21, 2011 - Tom's parent's 50th wedding anniversary (which just also happened to be Ben's 3rd birthday).  We flew out of Phoenix on July Saturday 15th and came back Sunday July 24th.  It's hard to believe that the time has already come and gone.  Crazy.

The kids did very well on the plane.  I was a little nervous about flying with four kids, but everything went very smoothly.  I loaded the kids up with their own back-packs full of snacks and wrapped presents.  I sat next to Livvy and Sammy with Jon on my lap; and Tom sat with Ben. On the flight back, it was said, "Next time you get Ben."  So, apparently Ben was a little bit of a handful.

Sunday July 16th we had an open house at Tom's parent's church.  We had a wonderful time celebrating Mom and Dad C's 50 years of marriage!  Lots of people came to celebrate with us/them.

I put together a slide-show of their life and Tom gave a short little talk on commitment. Commitment.  Fifty years of commitment. It's a rare thing these days. Our family, Tom, me and the kids, are a rarity because both of our parents are still married. And not only are they still married, but they love each other (sure they have their problems, but...). And to top it off, they encourage and respect us in our parenting attempts. In the past I have taken that for granted. But, as time goes on, I'm learning to see how truly blessed we are. I hope we can leave our kids with the same legacy our parents have left, and are leaving/living for us.  Thank you God, and thank you Mom and Dad - both sets of you!

                                              Johnny Cash and his bride!  Love you Dad and Mom!

The rest of the week Mom and Dad C, Grammie and Pop-Pop, had all sorts of fun things planned for us.  We went to a splash park, we went fishing on a pontoon boat, we went blueberry picking, we had a birthday party for Ben at a carousel, we caught lightning bugs, we hung out with old friends...we had a great time!!!

Kroc Center Spray Park

 Charles Mill Lake

 The Blueberry Patch
Tom showing off his two handed blueberry-picking rig.  It was very serious business.

The Carousel at Mansfield - Ben's 3rd Birthday!
Thank you Keener's and Rowe's for coming and making Ben's birthday extra special!

It truly was a wonderful trip!  We can't wait to go again.

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So glad we got to meet face to face!!