Friday, August 12, 2011

A God-Thing

Sometimes I question God (okay, so maybe not just "sometimes", maybe it's a little more than that)...  Anyway, I ask, or beg, Him to show me that He's really there, that He sees and that He cares.  Well, He does.  Here's the story:

This morning we were all set to go to Bearizona, I thought, with some school friends and then from there go down to Phoenix to hang out with my parents. Tom is going scouting for elk tomorrow and I thought it would be more fun to go swim with the parentals than devise something fun to do with the kids by myself.

When I called my friend this morning to clarify plans I learned that they decided to go later on in the day when the animals are more active instead of the morning - makes sense, but it totally threw off my plans for the day.  After some saddness from the kiddos when they learned that we wouldn't/couldn't go to Bearizona with friends, and that it actually made more sense if we just went another day, we decided it would really fun to drive down to Phoenix early and surprise my mom.  So off we went.

And we went until we were about 20 minutes away from my parents' house when the van decided it doesn't want to "went" anymore..."died in flight" is what they apparently call it.

"Surprise, Mom! We're stuck on the side of I-17 in 97 degree heat with a dead van.  Can you borrow somebody's van to come and rescue us?"

Right after getting everything squared away with the towing company and my mom, my cell phone rang.  It was Celeste, a friend from church.

Get ready, here come the "God-thing":
She asks me if I'm stuck on the side of the road in Phoenix.  Now, remember she's a church friend from Flagstaff, 2 hours north of our current stuck position.

Me:  "Why, yes, we are stuck.  Why do you ask?"
Celeste:  "We just passed you.  Do you need some help?"

She turned around and came back.  Because she had a mini-van packed with her four kids, it's not like she could offer to take us anywhere.  But what she did offer was priceless: a nice cool place to sit and wait until the other help arrived. 

Pretty amazing.

God could have let us sit there in the sweltering heat until my mom got there.  We would have been fine.  But He didn't.  He provided...  He provided beyond our "needs", beyond what we asked for.

He showed me He's there/here.
He showed me that He sees.
He showed me He cares.
He showed up.
Thank you Jesus.
Thank you.

I hope I can remember this for awhile.  I'll add it to God's trophy case in my head and heart.

Sorry for whatever costs we might incur to fix the van.  I guess in some small way it's my fault.  I needed a "sign" and I got one.  I love you!

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Mitchell Family said...

What a great story, Jenn! I love reminders of how intricately God is involved in every area of our lives!