Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Week So Far

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with some friends up here in Flagstaff and then down in Phx with the fam., we slowly made our way through snow covered roads back into Flag. Saturday night. Sunday morning before the sun barely had time to rise, the kids were out in their snow gear for the first real snow. They were so excited and so perplexed as to why I did not want to join them outside...I stayed safe inside cuddling my warm coffee cup.
That evening we "trimmed" the tree - well, it's more like taking it out of the box and fluffing, fluffing, fluffing, and then putting on endless amounts of ornaments. After the decorating of the tree by the children, we've since redistributed some of the ornaments so that they can have their own branch and making sure all the breakable were up about two feet. We all had fun.
In my attempts of using the last of Tom's first elk, to hopefully be replaced by another one this coming weekend, I made homemade elk-burgers...with extras. Along with the usual lettuce and tomatoes, we had some caramelized mushroom and onions, sprouts, and chipotle mustard/mayo sauce/dip that went very well with the homemade french fries. Yum! After Tom put all the fixins' on his, it looked picture perfect.
Yesterday all three of my boys got hair cuts. Nothing new for Sammy and Tom, but seeing Ben with a big-boy haircut has taken some getting used to...he's of course super cute, but looks a little like a new recruit.

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