Monday, December 14, 2009

A Busy Morning

There are many things that need to get done this morning - laundry, bed sheets, remake beds, brush hair, brush teeth, have devotions, and leave the house by 9:15 so that I can drop the kids off at Sara's to watch them while I go to my first OB appt at 10. So, why am I taking the time to blog about it? Because I know that time is fleeting, my brain is on holiday somewhere, and I do want to remember these prescious times...God will give the grace and strength to get done what needs to get done, the rest can wait until tomorrow.

Sammy rests his index finger thoughtfully on his chin and says, "When I was a little boy..."

Ben calls out from all corners of the house, "Ma ma! Ma ma! Ma ma!" -I'm hidden on top of Livvy's bunk remaking her bed...I wonder how long I'll be able to climb up there before a big belly gets too much in the way?

Livvy says, as she's taking the umpteenth armful of laundry from the bedrooms to the laundry room, "Mom, we have too much laundry." I say, "Well, maybe we shouldn't have so many clothes." She says, "No way! Our clothes will get too dirty to wear on Sunday."

Mom's thinking - Math problem: I just put away the last of the one load of laundry that I started on Wed. With four loads of laundry to do today, not counting the exponential accumulation of laundry in the following days, when will laundry be done? Dad, I need your help. I've never been good at word problems. Is sometime before the new year the right answer? Humph. Maybe we should consider fig leaves making a come-back as a friend suggested on FB.

Must go...times a ticking.


Mitchell Family said...

If you don't have one already, I'd ask for front-loaders for Christmas. Makes life fabulous. Now if they only invented a machine that folds the clothes and puts them away...

Anonymous said...

You know what I think! Two thumbs up for the fig leaf!! (Did you read my comment on the ThermalFig? I think it could work in cold climates!! ;) )