Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Trip: Estes Park, CO

The morning after we arrived at our cabin I awoke to kids running down the hall yelling, "Oma! Oma! It's snowing!" Sure enough big white fluffy flakes were falling softly to the ground. Oma couldn't be found because she was outside...with some mule deer about 50 feet from our front door. She, as per her norm, got up early, saw the snow and went outside to enjoy it. While she was out there she saw 4 mule deer nibbling on some grass. They came right up to her.

We got the kids dressed in what winter clothes I brought, which wasn't much (I trusted the 30-40% chance of snow) and sent them outside. They were both able to see and even touch the deer...well, Livvy was able to "pet" the mama deer's neck and Sammy got scuffed on the cheek by the mama deer's front ankle - she apparently didn't think he should be that close. After I got both he and I calmed down, Sammy was out the door again, he wanted to pet the baby deer.

Saturday October 10th at 10:30 in the morning was the wedding of Marc Barnwell and Mandy Bricker. It was a wonderful ceremony! Everything came together so nicely and beautifully.

It was a total family affair. I was so honored to be Mandy's maid-of-honor and only bridesmaid. Sammy was a ring bearer, and Livvy was the flower girl. Tom was the "heavy" at the reception, helping things move along smoothly. And Ben...Ben just looked sharp and got a lot of, "Oh, he's such a handsome little guy".
The week before heading up to CO we had been practicing in our hallway how all of us were going to make our way down the aisle. First me, then Sammy, Livvy, and lastly the bride. The deal was if they made it down the aisle, I would give them a tic-tac - just a little incentive. I think the practice paid off. The kids performed their respective duties beautifully...Sammy got a little shy and had the pillow covering his face, but he made it down to me for his treat. Livvy had the sweetest smile on her face as she sprinkled fake fall leaves down the aisle. She had told Mandy months before when Mandy asked her to be her flower girl that she had always wanted to be a flower girl.

It was so much fun to be there and see my best friend getting married. I'm so excited for how God is going to lead them in the future. Marriage is a wonderful adventure.

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