Friday, October 2, 2009

Poor Ben

This morning after breakfast, Sammy and Ben were chasing each other around the kitchen. Ben fell into one of the kids' stools and smashed his bottom tooth/gums and upper tooth/gums (his bottom left tooth came in when he was 13 months old, and his upper right tooth just popped through last Sun - he was a very cute little pumpkin). There wasn't that much blood and I thought at first that he just got a little cut. And then I saw his didn't look like it was in the same place that it used to be in. I called a pediatric dentist and she saw us immediately. Unfortunately, she had to pull his little bottom tooth and there might be damage to the other teeth still forming. He seems in very good spirits and doesn't appear to be in much pain. I think I'm more shook up than he is; this is our first major medical incident with any of our kids...we haven't even had a sick child needing to go to a dr. in 4 years.

We'll go back in 2-4 weeks to see if there's any damage done to his other bottom front tooth that hasn't popped through yet (there was too much swelling to see today). Pray for Ben and for his little teeth, that there isn't too much permanent damage done.

This is what his little smiling face used to look like:

This is what his little smiling face looks like now:


Kristen said...

Aww poor baby...and momma!

Mitchell Family said...

Oh, that is too sad! Kiddos are so resilient...but it sure is hard on parents. We're hoping to see you guys at church next week!