Monday, September 28, 2009


Truly the Lord gives good gifts to His children. Whether the gifts are just in the small everyday things like a roof over your head, a quite morning to sit, enjoy some coffee and reading some Scripture before the kids wake up, special times with family, etc. Or the unexpected gifts like getting a screaming good deal on a new car for Tom because his old one up and died (thanks dad and mom!!), or the siding on the walls holding up the roof over your head getting painted for just the cost of the paint by a friend at church who wanted to bless you (thanks Doug!!). We feel so blessed! The car is just what Tom needs for his new job, safe, reliable, low mileage and good gas mileage. The house getting painted and now able to withstand the elements, and looking like a respectable house is so fun - we still can't believe it's ours!

This is what the house used to look like for those of you who might have forgotten:

Here's the new and improved home sweet home:

We still don't live in the addition side, but it's coming...all in God's perfect timing.

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The Phillips Family said...

Yeah!! I'm excited for you guys!