Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekend Catch-Up

Last weekend we took the kids down to the parentals' (my parents, Oma and Opa). We enjoyed the warm weather and the air show at Luke AFB on Saturday. Well...Tom and I enjoyed what we saw of the air show. By the time we got to base, the kids were hot, tired and thought that the Thunderbirds were entirely way too loud (they sat under one of the parked F-16's to be in the shade with their hands over their ears)...we won't be taking them again for anther 4-6 years.
I really enjoyed seeing the Thunderbirds perform again. When I was little living in Germany we used to go all the time. I love the sound of them flying over! I have such great memories associated with the sound of fighter jets flying overhead. In Germany, my dad would buzz our house when he was flying home from a mission (we would all run outside and wave to was so cool - he was so close you could see him waving back); and in high school I would drive out to base and park at the end of the runway (right near the sign that says, "No Flying Low Flying Aircraft") to watch the planes taking off.

My Uncle Thom took this great shot of the T-birds.

On Sunday, the parentals heated up the spa! We all got in and had a great time. Livvy had fun "swimming" (I'm sure this is the summer that she really starts swimming). Sammy had fun "jumping" (with help) across the spa. And Ben seemed to really enjoy splashing around, floating on his back, and just taking it easy.

Ben is 8 months old! Go Ben, go...well, the more I think about it, maybe it's good that he's not crawling yet, he's bound to be under foot and after all the paper he can get to.

And here are my three favorite little people coming back from a wagon ride around our neighborhood. Aren't they so cute? Well, they'd be cuter if they were all smiling, but...hey, it's better than all the pictures that I took with one or two of them falling apart.

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Tiffani said...

You guys were at the air show too??? Did you read my blog post about that? We saw the Blue Angels a few years ago and were fine with missing the Thunderbirds. I love going to air shows but would have loved it more if it had been about 15 degrees cooler and 40,000 fewer people.