Friday, March 13, 2009


Many of the websites/blogs that I visit or people in the real world have inspired me lately. They're talking about how they make their own bread, jams, pie crusts, laundry soap, etc. Sooo, I decided to give it a try - can't say that it's too hard until you try it, right? It's what I tell my kiddos anyway.

A couple of weeks ago after a neighborhood friend shared a not-so-secret-secret for how to make the crust really flaky (I'm sure those of you out there who are used to making your own crust already know it, but I didn't). I gave it a try. It turned out really well...and it wasn't too hard to make.

This week I made my own french bread (not in the bread machine) and laundry soap - I got the recipe from the Duggar's website. The bread is delicious and for as much as you can tell that laundry soap works, I think it'll do the job (and I have 5 gals of it, so I'll use it anyway).

Next in my mind's list of things I want to make are some mini meatlaoves, pizza dough and pop-up pancakes to freeze. I also need to make some more baby food for Ben. I've got some sweet potatoes and the mixings for super porridge (oat floor, brown rice, avocado and egg yolk) all ready to go; I just need to make the time and do it before he runs out of what he has in the freezer. Oh! My best friend Mandy just gave me Once-a-Month Cooking so I'm very excited to read up on that and put my freezer to work - Thanks Mandy!!!

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Julie said...


I am quite impressed...You are becoming a domestic superstar! And here I thought I was pretty cool for actually cooking dinner these days!