Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Work

Well, since Dad C is coming back next week we thought that we should get some work done around the know, to show him we're doing our part (hi Dad, we're so glad you're coming back). My parents came up on Friday to spend some time with us and help out with the house.

My mom and I tackled a big pile of scrap lumber that was under the clothesline. We moved it all to the bigger pile of scrap lumber by the side of the house. It looks so much nicer now and once the wind stops, I'll be able to use the clothesline for its intended purpose.

Sammy "helping" me with the wheelbarrow.

Tom and my dad got started on the electrical phase of the project. My dad placed all the electrical boxes for the outlets and some for the switches while Tom drilled holes for the wiring.

Livvy helping Opa review the electrical plans.

Tom and Dad discussing the plan of attack.

Tom putting holes in things already.

It's exciting to start seeing some progress on the house again. Could we really live there someday? :-) Very fun stuff. Can't wait for more.

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