Sunday, September 21, 2008

Walls Go Up

"It's really starting to come together" is a common saying around here. This time it's a little more true. Dad spared no time in getting to work on putting up walls. Last Wed, Thurs and Fri he built portions of the exterior walls. Tom and Dad put up some posts and one of the garage doors' header yesterday. Today they hoisted and set the 400lb beam that runs down the center of the garage. How, you might ask, do two men lift a 400lb beam? With only the utmost of forethought and ingenuity, of course - they borrowed some scafolding and some sort of chain-pully-thing from a friend and walla! Up goes the beam. But, even with all that planning and thinking, there were a couple of "DANGIT!"'s that were heard ringing though the air. After one loud expression of aggervation, Livvy asked, in typical Livvy style, "Daddy, why are you so frustrated? You're doing a great job." Uh huh.

The kids and I went spent Thurs through Sat down in Phx. We got a chance to hang out with the fam and swim one last time this season. It was a nice little retreat for us. We're glad to be back and tackle whatever this week may bring. Speaking of this week, Ben turns two months old (today actaully), Sammy turns two years old on Thurs, my parents are bringing Tom's mom up on Fri, and Tom turns 38 on Sat. What a week! Fun, fun, fun.

Here are some pictures of the hoisting of the beam and one of some cute kids.

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The Phillips Family said...

Wow!Looks like you guys are really moving with your house! It's so exciting! You have some hard working men in your home! -Kelly