Friday, September 12, 2008

Early Morning Scramble & The First Pour

Let's start with yesterday morning...early, early morning. Tom was up until 4 am getting the insulation in place aournd the pantry/laundry area. Benji showed up around 6:30 am to finish up laying the rebar in the pantry/laundry. Mike came around 9:15 am to grade and add cinders in the workshop area, which Benji then compacted. Jaime, the inspector, came around 10:15 am and...we passed! Yeah!! We had permission for the first pour. Unfortunately, Benji didn't have enough men in place to pour the concrete. Oh well, Sammy had fun playing "like Mike".

So, today Benji showed up early this morning. He layed the rest of the rebar for the workshop and the two-car garage. Jaime came again to inspect for the second pour. Again, we passed! God is so good. At 2 pm the concrete truck came and Benji and Chris poured the pantry/laundry and workshop areas. They look beautiful! Tomorrow at 9 am the second concrete truck is coming so we can finish off the two-car garage. Boy, will that be a beautiful thing. I can't wait. Below are pictures of the stages of pouring and finishing a concrete floor. Pretty cool.

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