Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grout and Fill

Well, we passed the stem wall inspection (yeah!) and so Mike showed up with his Bobcat this morning to spread around the fill. That meant that Dad (otherwise known as Pop-pop to the kids) was out there shoveling today. Benji came a little bit later to grout the stem wall and compact the fill. Dad got to finish up running the compactor because Benji had to leave. Right now Tom is out there digging and getting insulation around the livable area stem wall in place so we can pass inspection and pour the workshop and pantry/laundry areas tomorrow. The hope is to pour those areas tomorrow and the rest of the garage on Friday. Hope.

So, anyway, here are some pictures of the work done so far, a picture of Sammy crying because we had to say goodbye to the "truck", Tom getting ready to work, Benji and Wayne compacting the cinders, and a cute little smiling Ben.

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oma said...

I am so proud of the Biblical foundation that you and Tom are building and nuturing and growing with those little darlin' watchers of the work. As always your family, workers, watchers are in my prayers. I can hardly wait to stay in the guest bedroom. Do I get coffee in bed? LYF deine mutti