Saturday, December 15, 2012


How come that as soon as you get into a nice workable routine, God seems to shake it up...or turn it upside down and dump it all out.  Actually it's not that bad at all.  Not even close.  It's just that I love routine!  I love  knowing what to do next (not that I always follow it, but just knowing that it's there).

For the past couple of months I had finally fell into a really nice routine for this season in life (because, as you know, or should know, each season brings a new set of routines).  It felt good to know what to do.  It was nice that nothing, or almost nothing, was forgotten as far as the home front goes.  We cleaned, we cooked, we baked, we did school, etc.  It worked.  For the most part.

Now, with a recent forced job change, we're having to re-figure things out.  Which in itself is not a bad thing.  It actually has some nice benefits.  My spirit is not grumbling or complaining.  There's just this bit of tension that comes with trying to figure out the new routine.

For instance, it's Saturday but Tom is working.  He has Mondays off now and therefore we took Monday off from school.  That means that we should do school today (I was planning on calling our Saturdays Fridays and our Mondays Sundays - following?).  However, it is snowing.  Yesterday the public schools had a snow day and yet we did school.  So...should I just call it a snow day and have it be Saturday?  There's certainly plenty of non-school/Saturday stuff that I could work on.

I could/should be making our bread and muffins for the weak but I can't get the bucket of wheat berries open.  If super hard times hit, you'd find our starved dead bodies huddled around the full bucket of wheat berries - *grin*.  I guess I'll just make them on Saturday (that's Monday for the rest of you).

I'm half paralyzed with indecision.  What to do, oh what to do?  Have you figured out what one of my biggest weaknesses is yet?

The fire is burning nicely in the fireplace.  The snow is falling gently outside.  The kids are playing legos upstairs.  The chairs are all pulled onto the carpet so that I can sweep and mop.  So I guess I should do that and then...then I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

Have a great Friday/Saturday!

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