Saturday, May 5, 2012

Final Inspection

Yup, that's right!  Yesterday morning the county inspector came to give us our final inspection on the house. And...

Some of you might think that after four years of working on and living in this house that we already had our final inspection.  That we were free and clear from the county and were just now maintaining our blessed abode.  Well...some things take a little longer than others.

Let's do a little recap, shall we.

Way back in May of 2008, we bought this:

And immediately started doing this (plus a whole bunch of other stuff): 

 And then added this:

Remodeled this (and a whole bunch of other stuff):

And now we live in this:

Wow, that seemed easy.  Ha!  
With a little help from Tom, Jim, Bob and Craig (craigslist of course) you too can buy a true handy-man-special and turn it into the home of your dreams - it just might take several years. Which is OK.  Really.

People will often ask me if I'd do this again.  Go back in time and buy this house and remodel it?  Heck yeah!  It's been so worth it!!  But, would I want to buy another fixer-upper, live in it while adding onto and remodeling it while having babies, raising little ones, homeschooling, becoming a chicken farmer, trying our hand at gardening, etc?  Hmmm...not so much.  It has been a wonderful adventure, but if and when we move again, I think I'd like it move in ready, thank you very much.  We can find other adventures for sure.

But, I digress...

The big news is that we,

without so much as a, "Fix this..." or "Paint that...",

got Approved, Signed Off, Finaled or whatever you're supposed to call it!!  The important thing is that according to the county, we are done! 

OK, you could probably see from the pictures that we still have some decorating to do.  Not to mention window dressings, adding a back patio, driveway (happening in two weeks from now!!), front patio, etc.  So we're really not done, done.  But on paper we're done, which is so worth celebrating!

Great job honey, my love!!  I love how you dream!  Thanks for taking us on this crazy adventure with you.  You are a wonderful husband, father, thinker, worker, leader, truth-seeker, visionary, lover (*blush* Can I say that?  Well, why not?  It's my blog isn't it? I can say whatever I want. Yeah. So there.)  Anyway...I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my man!  And that's worth celebrating anytime.

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