Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last weekend we checked one more thing off of our house-to-do list (which, honestly, it feels like one thing on, one thing off, you know what I mean?).  The driveway has been poured!  We still can't park on it. That'll happen this weekend sometime - apparently you're supposed to wait around a week.  Also news to me, you're supposed to water the driveway once a day to help it cure.  I've heard of watering your lawn (which we don't have one, so that doesn't get done around here) but I didn't know anything about watering driveways.  Learn something new everyday.

Before the new driveway and sidewalk could be laid out and poured, the old one had to come out.  A friend from church blessed us with his time and machinery.

Forms were built and a bed of cinders laid down.

Then the pouring began.

I even was able to put Noah's handprint in using the stamp from my necklace.

Now we not only have a great entrance into our garage, which we fully intend to park in someday soon, but we have a great place to draw with chalk, ride bikes, and play basketball.  Hip, hip hooray for concrete!

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