Monday, October 3, 2011

Sammy Turns Five

Even though everybody says it, I'm going to say it...where has time gone?   My little Sammy is now five years old.  How could that be?  Seriously, who turned up the time?

Here's a picture of my sweet baby Sammy five years ago.

And here he is last Saturday at his fifth birthday party.

On the morning of his birthday, first morning of our annual family cabin trip at Ft Tuthill, Sammy fell off his bike and skinned his nose.  Thankfully it was just his nose and he recovered quickly.

We had his birthday party at a little park near the cabin and had all his friends come in camo.  We set up some games in the woods - hunt for the bugs, toss the rings on the antlers, and a rubber band target shoot. 

Sammy and all his friends had a blast!  Happy Birthday to my best little buddy!!

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