Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jonathan - 5 months

Well, it's that time again.  Another month has gone by.  He continues to be an angel baby.  He can roll from his back to belly but not the reverse yet...though it looks like he's trying to figure it out. Last week or so he found his thumbs, both of them, but mostly it's the left one that gets in there.

He does more talking/babbling these days.  And on occasion, cussing.  Or at least that's what it sounds like when he's really hungry or tired.

He' still a little squirt, average for length but in the low percentile for weight.  I'm hoping that I can improve my milk supply (increase how many domperidone I take) and in another month or so when he starts eating solids that I can get a little more meat on his bones.  Either way, we're not worried.  He's a very active bubbly, bright-eyed little guy.  We love him so!!


Holly said...

He's adorable!!

algrundst said...

These picture collages never get old!