Sunday, May 1, 2011

Handy-Man-Special Update

I haven't posted anything recently about our on-going project house.  The men are still working and some things have been completed, somethings are in progress, and still other things have yet to start - all in time, right?

Here's what's been done in the school so far:

One wall between two small bedrooms removed by a team of demolition experts:
One door framed in:
 One big hole created for new door:
 Old icky popcorn ceiling scraped off:
New drywall hung to cover holes:
 Old disgusting carpet rolled up and hauled out:
 Tack strips removed:
Walls textured and sanded:
 Walls painted:
 And padding for new flooring layed out:

Tom will most likely be installing the new laminate wood flooring this week.  Then will come trim and baseboard, and eventually french doors added (we're waiting for used ones to show up on Craigslist, so it might be awhile).  Then it'll be finito.  Timberdoodle here I come.  I'm going to need a budget to keep me in line.  I'm already drooling over their new catalog and dog-earing every other page.

Back to the house update, two weeks ago my dad finished the laundry chute.  Oh chute!  It is sooo nice!!  We have an access from the master closet for the honey and I, and from the hall for the kids.  It was a little tricky to frame but the men figured it out.  Check it out:

 The laundry, and only laundry, gets tossed through this hole in the wall (which is covered by a cabinet door):
Then it falls down this chute:
Comes out this hole in the laundry room ceiling:
 Just too cute! 
Which is hidden behind this functional corner cabinet, lands on the counter top (clearly it's working), and then is sorted by children into the two baskets on floor.  I love it!

One more thing to check off the list...umteen more to go:).

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bree said...

oh my i love it it is beautiful!!! can't wait to see it and sleep in your house! I saw the nicest kid school tables on craiglist in the valley check it out!! I love timberdoodle!!!!