Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rest Of The Family

It has occured to me, and was brought to my attention, that I haven't given any updates on the other kids and the husband. it goes:

Tom - About six months ago Tom took a new job with a company called Amedisys.  It's a nation-wide homehealth care company that is new to Flagstaff.  Instead of going to people's hospital rooms, he drives to their homes to give them physical therapy.  He's finally settled into the job and has worked out all of the kinks that come from learning a new position.  It seems to be a good fit.  It's nice for us as the family because he can do notes and stuff like that from home, so he's around just a little bit more.  Gotta love that!

He's planning on getting the house stuff going again come end of April. It's already in place that his mom and dad ("hi, mom and dad!") will drive out and get here around April 27th. Mom will stay a week to help me out, play with the kids, and enjoy some AZ sun and then fly back to OH. Dad will stay on and get to work...there's still a lot to be done. Our hope is that we'll be able to move into the addition by the end of summer. I can't wait!

Tom prays: Father, I ask for wisom and patience as we train our children, strength and comfort during the hard times. May we submit to your will with a cheerful heart, no matter what the circumstances.

Livvy - What to say about Livvy-girl...she's our highly sensitive, passionate, highly social, carefree and careless little girl.  She's doing very well in school.  She loves to do math and would do it all the time if I let her.  She does very well in writing and can sound out most three letter words - when strongly encouraged that she can do it. 

This semester I've partnered with two other moms from our church that are also teaching My Father's World Kindergarten.  Each family has three kids, the oldest being a girl in kindergarten. It's been so fun for my kids to get together with them once a week to learn together.  Each of us moms takes turns teaching a "Discovery" section about the current theme.  We've learned about butterflies, kangaroos, cows, jewels and much more.  When it's been my turn, I've really enjoyed teaching Livvy, Sammy and the other kids new things and learning so many things myself.  Did you know that a kangaroo female, also known as a flyer, always has three "babies", one in the womb, one in the pouch, and one by her side that still nurses.  Talk about exhausting.

Livvy prays:  Dear Jesus, please help our baby to grow strong and live with us forever.

Sammy - The biggest news on Sammy is that he gave up his thumb!  Back in October I convinced Livvy to give up her thumb by working toward a toy of her choosing (she actually gave up her thumb, got her prize and has since then adopted any other finger that she can find, ugh!).  I tried to convince Sammy too - he didn't go for it.  Ever since then anytimes that he says that he wants a toy, I just tell him he can have it if her gives up his thumb.  The toy has never been enough to give up sucking his thumb for...until a month ago.  We were at Walmart when he saw it!  With the help of Spider Man and camoflauge bandaids, he kicked the habit!  Tom took him to Walmart to get his heart's desire.  He ended up getting a monster truck, a snake ramp, and a remote-control car (all for under $40).

Sammy prays:  Dear Jesus, Thank you our baby goes good and for my trucks.  Amen.

Ben - "Ben the brute" has taken a turn for the grumpy and mean.  He's usually a fun-loving cute little guy, but then...  then you ask him to do something that he doesn't want to do, and the stubborn-grumpies set in.  He puts on "that face", will hit, etc.  So not good!  We're trying to be very firm and consistent with him, but... he's putting up a good fight and it's extra hard with the third to be as consistent with him as I was able to be with the others.  I tell him "no" for something, get distracted, and the next thing I know he's doing exactly what I told him not to.  I need to stake him (see the Raising Godly Tomatoes site if you're not sure what that means).  Maybe it'll start tomorrow...maybe.

He loves playing with cars and trucks, especially if Sammy is playing with them.  He loves giving me very tough loves and being tickled.  His favorite book is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems.  It's so funny to hear him tell that stubborn chicken "Nah!", which means "no" in Ben-language.  Speaking of Ben's language skills, he's got a lot to say, it's just really hard to understand 80% of what he's saying.  Maybe I should teach him some more signs...maybe.

Ben prays: "Uh. Ah. Mmmh. Ah."

And lastly there's me: Most days life seems good, "normal" and I feel blessed. Life with a honey and three kids keeps me busy and my mind preoccupied. It's a very good thing.
Then there are days that I question eveything and just want to quit, it's too hard, "I'm barely hanging on" to quote Selah's song "I Will Carry You". Thankfully there haven't been too many of those kind of days. Tom gentley reminds me that our day to mourn isn't now; we will have that day, it is coming, but we can't live there yet, not while Noah is still with us, and while God has the option of performing a miracle. It's not an easy thing for me to do, but I'm trying to live in the now, preparing for and getting in place all the things that I can think of that I may want to help remember Noah, but yet still live "now".

I pray:  Lord, Carry me. I am not strong enough to do this. Help me to see You through all of this, really see You and know You. Help me to be a good mommy to Livvy, Sammy, Ben and Noah, and a good wife to Tom. Amen


David R. said...

Thanks for posting the update about the family. I was struck by Tom's wisdom. Love his prayer. I can relate to the prayer in my own day to day struggles. Thanks for sharing, I have been encouraged.

Anonymous said...

"O Father, help, lest our poor love refuse
For our beloved the life taht they would choose,
And in our fear of loss for them, or pain, Forget the eternal gain."
Amy Carmichael