Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Spider Eggs

...though not a school of spider eggs thank goodness.

The days are getting notciably shorter, and with the approach of fall and starting kindergarten with Livvy, there’s the need to get organized and reorganized. I can’t remember if I’ve said this before on here, but I love getting organized. I love the idea of everything having a place and everything in its place. I love when chores and activities fall nicely in their own time so that you’re not scattered and racing to find or make the time. Now just because I say that I love getting organized and being organized, doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m good at staying organized. But, I think with the on-set of older kids that can help with chores and with homeschooling, the need and ability to stay organized might just be what I need to stay on track.

After discussing things with a few friends over the past couple of weeks, I think I've almost got it. I re-organized a hutch near the dining table to have all of our school stuff available; I pulled in an unused bookshelf that was waiting in the garage for the house to be finished and put some more books and toys on it; I'm still in the process of looking at our schedule and reworking it to include chores, school, individual and together play times (with the help of my friends Managers of Their Home book), etc. I feel just about ready to tackle schooling...I think the kids and I are really going to like how life will flow once there's a little bit more order to things.

The one thing that I need to remember through all of this is the "why" behind what we're doing. I need to learn to surrender the day to Christ and focus on the kids' hearts through this process, not on getting things done because they're on the list of things to do...not on obtaining perfection, or trying to obtain, through organization and scheduling. It's all for not if I lose sight of the hearts of my children...let go of the little things (K.W.A.) and hold tightly to the big.

Saturday night Tom and I found a 2.5" wolf spider (we didn't actually know it was a wolf spider until we did some online research with the kids Sunday morning)! So, what did we do? We caught it, bought it a cage, and now feed it other spiders and bugs that we happen upon. Cool, a new pet. How does Wolfy sound?

Today after Tom got home from work, he went to check on the chickens briefly and found a brown little egg lying against the pen! We were so excited! Our first little egg. After dinner the kids and I went out to look at the chickens too and found a little green egg back in the coop! How fun! Tom's out back right now building nesting boxes for them. Can you guess what we're having for breakfast? Yum, yum!

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The Phillips Family said...

That's quite the spider! I can't say that I would like to keep that as a pet!