Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outside Fun

The weather here has been so nice recently (excluding today...it's a bit windy) which means we've been playing outside a lot. Which also means that I have a lot more laundry to do and dirty kids to bathe...though I'm not complaining, I'd so much rather have dirty kids thriving, imagining and free outside, than clean kids in front of a TV or a room full of pre-imagined toys, if you know what I mean. They love to make all sorts of mud-pies, cakes, and who knows what else...whatever it is, it keeps them very entertained.

Last week sometime Livvy decided to get all dressed up in her leotard and tutu and then head outside to climb trees and make sand cakes. She certainly has her own sense of style. I've stopped her a couple of times when I thought that I'd rather go to the store with a child that looks like she has a mother who cares; but most of the time I just let her be Livvy...purposefully wearing socks that don't match with shoes that don't match..."I'm just funny, Mama."

Oh, another Livvy thing... I was trying to teach Livvy that it's rude to listen to other people conversations and start trying to be apart of it..."That's called eavesdropping, Livvy. It's not nice." Then, not more than a minute later I turned to Sammy to talk to him about something and Livvy chimes in, "What Mama? What are you telling Sammy?" I gave her that knowing look, you know the one. She immediately put her hand to head, smiled and said, "Oh! My eaves are dropping again." Absolutely hillarious!

Sammy's having fun learning how to climb trees. "Daddy give me some points"...which he did last night, "Just keep reaching up and holding on", or something like that.

Ben just eats the sand. Good ruffage.

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