Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, our chicks are growing. I think they've tripled, if not quadrupled, their size already. It's been so much fun to see them grow and change over these past 7 weeks.

They are no longer inside the main house with us. Tom put together a little pen in the new laundry/pantry room (that's still in the pre-dry-wall stage). We thought about putting them outside in the back shed, but, despite the fact that there's no power out there, we just couldn't stand to have them so far away...we're weaning ourselves slowly from their presence.

Everytime we have vegetable or fruit scraps, we throw it in with the chicks. They love it! So far I think their favorites are an apple core and watermelon rind. It's so funny to see them take off running when they get a little trear that they don't want to share - back and forth, back and forth..."It's mine, it's mine. You can't have it!" They act just like toddlers.

Last week we started taking groups of them outside with us in the back yard - a little outing for them. When Sammy brought the first ones outside, they kept following him...I guess they weren't sure they wanted to be left on their own. But soon they realized they were okay and now they love coming outside and scratching for bugs. How cool that God put in these birds, without ever having seen it, this inate ability to scratch and look for bugs. Isn't He wonderful!

Here are some of our feathered freinds:

Brassy/Sassy (totally fits her personality), Buff Orpington, with NG (Non-Goldy), Ameraucana.
Cee-Cee, Golden-laced Wyandotte.
Goldy, Ameraucana.

Two Australorps - we can't tell them apart, so they have no names.

Blue, Blue Cochin, with Nana (because she looks like an old lady with silver in her hair), Silver-laced Cochin.

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