Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Clean Fun and Not

Today for school, I did Lesson #2 in Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons with Livvy, and Sammy too. For the writing portion, instead of making Livvy try to draw the letters with a pen/pencil/etc, I gave both kids a couple of shots of shaving cream to smear around and practice the shapes of the letters m and s. She's just not ready for the writing of letters - she gets all whiney, and says it's "too hard" (which totally frustrates me, and we need to work on trying to do things that are hard, but we'll work on that some other time). So, in an effort to keep learning fun, and realizing that it really doesn't matter if she learns to write her letters now or in 6 months from now, she'll learn them in her time, I'm trying to be creative and teach her using other methods of learning to "write" her letters. They both had fun, smelled really nice and it all cleaned up so easily.

The other night we had some more shaving cream play in the bath, initiated by Daddy. They had so much fun smearing it all over themselves. In the end, we "shaved" them with a popsicle stick and then sprayed them clean with the shower hose.

The not so clean fun was the mud in our front yard. With the warm days we had last week, all the snow melted and created the most wonderful mud puddles. Both kids had fun making mud pies, cakes and fondue. Somehow Sammy's trucks came into play too, though I'm not quite sure how...I stayed inside to keep clean (boring, un-fun my defense it was still a little chilly out there and Ben needed looking after).

And last, but not least, Ben turned 6 months old last Tues. He weighed 16lb14oz at his Dr appointment (which is the biggest of my babies yet) which only put him in the 38th percentile. He was 27" something and that put him in the 83rd percentile. According to those stats, he's long and lean, which you wouldn't think so after seeing his way chunky legs. He's not so keen on playing on his back, but he loves to be on his belly so he can get up on his hands and knees and rock. I get all excited about him starting to crawl and then I remember that instead of crying to be picked up in the living room while I'm making dinner he's going to be in the kitchen with me following me back and forth, crying to be picked up. Yikes!

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The Phillips Family said...

Way to go Ben on getting up on those knees!