Monday, October 27, 2008

This and That

OK, you're never going to believe this...well, if you know Livvy than this will not come as a surprise to you. So, here it goes, as we're eating dinner last night, with the typical, "Sammy, you have to at least try it" and "Livvy, quit talking and keep eating", we notice that Livvy is just mumbling to herself (not so uncommon). We ask her what she's talking about and she says, get this, "Why are you making me eat this girl's food?". What??? Turns out, through questioning, that we were talking to Elkaluna (only a name an almost 4-year-ild could make up) who said that Livvy wasn't there, but maybe we could adopt her (Elkaluna). "OK. I suppose we could adopt you since Livvy isn't here anymore". But then Elkaluna wanted a new name. "What should we name you?" She wanted to be renamed Olivia. "OK. We'll name you Olivia and call you Livvy". Sounded good to her. "So now Livvy... Eat your food". Should we be concerned?

And here's Ben, I mean Sam, I mean... Poor kid, he was here first and we keep forgetting his name. So far he doesn't seem to notice, I hope he doesn't take it personally. He's such a sweet little guy, stubborn (he takes after his mama - I admit it. Tom whole-heartedly agree, that I'm stubborn that is), but very sweet. This morning he wanted to pretend he was a baby, so I snuggled him and rocked him for a minute or two. Then he wanted down and went racing off to play with trucks or something. Where, oh where did the time go?

Here's my sweet sleeping little Ben - actually I should say Big should see the thighs on this kid.

Well, that's what up with the kids. Us? We're doing well. Tom's arm is healing nicely. Because of where the break is he won't be going back to work until Jan 4th - ugh. He's able to help out more and more with the house building, but he still can't really swing a hammer or hold any kind of power tool. He's out there with Dad, doing what he can.

Dad is getting things done...and I think he's a little done too. He's getting more and more anxious to go home. Which is completely understandable - he's been here since the end of May.

Mom is doing everything she can think of doing in the house and for us. She cooks, cleans, does laundry, even dusted my plants this morning. Boy, I'm going to have a rude awakening when she leaves... You mean I've got to do all that?

And me...I'm trying to stay busy with the kids. God's working on smoothing out a lot of my rough edges - not the most pleasant of experiences all the time, but then, very necessary and good.
Things have slowed down a bit with the house since our hired help finished their jobs...and we have no more funds to pay for luxuries like that. Dad and Tom are currently outside hanging garage doors. The guy we bought them from said it was about an 8-hour's going on 12 hours. But, hey, they've never done this before, Tom's missing an arm...hee, hee, hee.

Here's a few pix of what they've done with the house and some more random pix of the kids:

Putting up the Tyvek.
Left-handed hammering.

First garage panel in place. Yeh!
All panels in place, still a lot of work to do.

Chalk list of who lives at 6150 E Peaks Pkwy

"I baptize you, my sister..."

Livvy gave Pop-pop some sticker tatoos, doesn't he look pleased.
Livvy and Sammy showing off their bird house that we hammered together

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Have Roof

Mick and Tom finished the roof today. Yes, Tom was helping. He was up on the roof handing Mick the roofing shingles. It's good physical therapy. Next step is windows, doors and then siding.

Also, today Ben turned 3 months old. He's such a great little buddy. I'm excited to see more and more of his personality come out.

Here are two of my handsome men after haircuts:

And here's a pix of Livvy, Sammy and Ben. I bribed them with a couple more minutes of Super Why if they cooperated with me to take a group picture:

On Sun, Tom and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary. We went and ate our favorite restaurant, Himalayan Grill. I got a very spicy lamb dish (can't remember the name). Yum! Here's a picture of us looking out of our to-be master bedroom window.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So that's how they do it!

Well, we have second-story walls and trusses up! Jim, my dad, two guys that we hired to help, Lee Tuney (local carpenter) and Mick Miller (carpenter from church), along with our one-armed laborer (Tom) worked all week and this past weekend to get 'her done...and she's lookin' real good! I know how to draw trusses in elevation and in section but I never really knew how they got them into I know. And, here are some pictures of how they did it so you can know too:

Here's the crane hoisting the trusses with Tom and Livvy guiding them from below.

And here's my dad setting the outriggers in place.

It's so fun to go upstairs and walk into the game room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. I still can't believe that we're doing this. This is our house. We really get to live there...maybe not
today, but someday. God is so good to us!
Here's the view of Mt Eldon and the San Fransico Peaks from the new master bedroom window(pretty nice...just don't look at the white trailer).
And here's Sammy, cold and dirty.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun and Not-So-Fun

Well hello again. A lot has happened over the past couple of weeks...where do I begin? Should I start with the fun stuff or not-so-fun stuff? Let's start with the fun stuff and go from there.

Mom C. flew to Phx last Thurs (Sept 25th) and on Fri my parents brought her up to join Dad while the house is getting dried in. Dad is very glad she's here to make him some some good-mid-west-cooking...not all this Mexican stuff that I make. Mom C. got to meet Ben for the first time and she's already jumping in and helping with the cooking and cleaning. Fun.

Tom and Sammy celebrated their birthdays last week also. Tom got a cool flashlight, a pair of pants and some STUD pinnochle cards. Sammy got some clothes and a new Tonka truck. Fun!

My parents, brother and his family (Rob, Beth, Abbi and Braeden - Rob is my brother, Beth is my SIL, understand) came up on Friday. On Sat, we (minus Dad C., my Dad and Tom) took the kids to Home Depot's Kid Workshop. The kids got to make fire engines - cool! Then we attempted to see some Fall colors , but rain forced us to head home early. Livvy and Sammy had a grand time playing with their cousins, and us adults enjoyed each other's company. Fun.

Now, onto the house stuff. As of today, all of the first floor walls are framed, the rim and floor joists are in place, and the plywood sheathing is up on the joists waiting to be laid out and screwed in. Fun. Unfortunately, while performing some sort of construction gymnastics, Tom fell off a ladder and broke his arm (his radial end to be exact). Ouch! Not-so-fun. Thankfully he has short-term disabilty that he will use for the next 6 weeks while his arm heals. Please be praying for him; he's a little frustrated and bummed that he can't be helping out like he wants to.

It struck me today, as I was watching my dad and Dad C. pull these heavy pieces of plywood onto the roof, how much our dads (our parents...even parents in general) were giving of themselves. I mean, they might be doing all of this labor intensive work because they just love breaking a sweat in 50 degree weather, but I don't think so. They were up there breaking their backs because they love us. And certainly not that I ever doubted that, but... Here Tom and I are sacraficing our time, freedoms etc, to raise these 3 kids. When they're 30 years old, most likely we'll still be sacraficing (just like our dads) for them. It never stops...and that's such a good thing, such a picture of Christ's unending love and sacrafice for us. Sorry to get a little deep on you, but I just feel so blessed. Fun. Very fun.