Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Must Read

These two latest articles from No Greater Joy are excellent. I love the stanse that Michael Pearl is taking...he's not afraid to call things what they are. The church has gotten lazy and soft. It's so easy to get distracted from the things that really matter but we do need to wake-up, repent, and be on our knees in prayer. I have taken for granted all that God has given me and I'm scared because I know it can all be taken away.



In Romans 5 it talks about how through tribulation we'll develop perseverance, character and hope. I want the perseverance, I want the character and I want the hope, I don't want the trial. My soul knows that that is what it's going to take to bring about that true relationship and dependence upon God that I need and want. My prayer is that I will put on the armor, that I will be strong for the hard-times ahead...I need to...I need to be in the Word more, I need to be on my knees in prayer more, I need the true, risen Christ in my life... Not only for me, but for my husband and especially my children. What I want for them they have to be able to see in me, or else I am a hypocrit and my best attempts to lead them will fall on deaf ears... Lord, may it never be.

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